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WannaCry Ransomware Alert ! We often read such alerts and warnings but tend to ignore such alerts unless our systems get affected by it. The whole idea about this article is to create alertness about ransomware on a whole. First we should know, What Ransomware really means? It is a malicious software/program or an installation which gets downloaded and installed on the computers. It specifically blocks access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

General Precautions about Ransomware attacks.

  1. Do not download attachments from unknown or seemingly phishy email ids.
  2. Before downloading software’s to your computer recheck the source from which it is downloaded, often such dangerous installations come along with fake free software download promises of paid software’s. Never download any software from such sites.
  3. While installation of any software found online select custom installations and unselect all the undesired unwanted software installations packaged with the desired software.

About Wannacry Ransomware Alert!

Wannacry or in other words wannacrypt Ransomware spreads over malicious attachments to emails. After getting installed, It simply takes control over computers hard disk drive(Encrypts) and then spreads between computers on LAN. It shuts down the computer with an alert such as shown in image below.



It is recommended not to pay people behind these attacks as that would encourage them doing more such attacks. More importantly there is no guarantee about you getting access even after paying money. If by any chance your system gets attacked contact your countries cyber cell for help. For people in India send mail to incident@cert-in.org.in for wannacry ransomware attack information. To know about latest attacks and information about cyber security please keep an eye on www.cert-in.org.in or www.cyberswachhtakendra.gov.in.

  • Technical details about wannacry/wannacrypt Ransomware alerts are given in here.
  • Click here to get the security updates for windows or download the patches for security directly from microsoft catalog security update.
  • Alert video made by Indian government about wannacry ransomware attack.
  • Check this article about the person who accidently stopped the attack.

Please share your experiences about any such attacks occurred on your computer. Also please comment about the article and any information you wish to share with us.

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