A look back at the best tennis players of 2017. With Nitto ATP Finals beginning from 12-11-2017, let us see a brief performance record of the top 9 tennis players of the year. No 9 – Jack Sock: Points: 2765 With a Win-Loss record of 36-19, Jack sock was the last entry […]

Best Tennis Players of 2017

Roger Federer winning Shanghai Masters 2017
Roger Federer defeats Rafael Nadal in straight sets to clinch his second Shanghai title The 36-year-old maestro broke Nadal in the very first game of the match. Thereafter both players kept on holding their serve and Federer won the first set comfortably. In the second set, both players kept on holding their […]

Roger Federer defeats Rafael Nadal in straight sets to clinch his ...

Navratri is one of the most colourful festivals of India. Navratri – the name itself explains the meaning;”Nav” means nine and “Ratri” means nights. This festival is celebrated differently in different parts of the country – South predominantly celebrates it as a festival of art, North celebrates it as a build-up for […]

Navratri: Festival beyond rituals

With the advent of technology, gadgets have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. Life without gadgets is unimaginable in today’s world hence it is of prominent importance to keep these gadgets safe. To keep a gadget safe, one should consider several factors. Mentioned below are some points to ensure safety: […]

How to keep your Gadgets safe?

Judwa 2 Poster
Judwa 2 had a record-breaking opening weekend collections. It becomes 5th highest opening weekend grosser for 2017. Box Office Collection: Judwa 2 has earned almost 60 crores in the opening weekend. Approximation of Box Office collection of the movie is as mentioned below: Friday: 16.10 crores Saturday: 20.25 crores Sunday: 22.60 crores […]

Judwa 2 breaking Box Office records

Kapil Dev about Hardik Pandya Hindi 5
हार्दिक पंड्या इस साल डांडिया तोह नहीं खेल पाए परन्तु उन्होंने बल्लेबाजी मैं ऑस्ट्रेलिया टीम के छक्के छुड़ा दिए और गेंदबाजी मैं उनके डंडे उखाड़ दिए! इस ५ मैच की श्रृंखला मैं भारत ने ऑस्ट्रेलिया को ४-१ से हराया! भारत ने इसके पहले कभी भी ऑस्ट्रेलिया को इतनी करारी मात नहीं दी […]

भारत के हार्दिक पंड्या ने मचाई धूम बल्लेबाजी मैं उड़ाए छक्के ...

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Hot Celebrities around the world: Second Edition This is a second part of the “Hot celebrities around the world” group of articles. The focus here again would be a woman.  We already saw few startling women from Asia in the previous article covering India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines and South Korea. We would […]

Hot Celebrities around the world: Second Edition, Asia Continent

Match Score Us Open Finals 2017 Rafael Nadal Vs Kevin Anderson
After 15 days of eventful tennis matches Us Open 2017 ends with a familiar champion. The mighty champion with an attitude of never giving up; Rafael Nadal wins his 3rd US Open Championship. The Champion: Match Summary: The odds were heavily in the favour of Rafael Nadal. This year’s final can be […]

Us Open 2017: Rafael Nadal wins his 3rd US Open Championship

The India Vs Sri Lanka battle in this tour of Sri Lanka serves as a perfect epitome of a one sided affair. India Vs Sri Lanka Battle: an ODI series Whitewash – Is this the best Indian team ever? Due to this win, Indian team is considered by many, as an unbeatable […]

India Vs Sri Lanka Battle: an ODI series Whitewash – Is ...

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Did you know that W Jaffer (An Indian Opening test batsman) has an exceptional bowling record? W Jaffer, in his International test career, has a bowling average of 9 and a strike rate of 33. He has bowled 11 overs giving away just 18 runs and has taken 2 wickets. These entire […]

Did you know about the unique bowling record of this Indian ...

Reality TV shows have become an integral part of the Television media. These TV shows not only entertain the audience but also connect with them emotionally. The surety about these shows is that the show-makers do make money out of it, but the important question is what benefits a contestant gets from […]

10 Stars Bollywood/TV industry got from Reality shows

The battle between the sub-continents cricketing giants has been ironically one sided. The 6-0 throbbing of the home team is so overwhelming that it seems that even India-A team could have fared well against this Sri Lankan International team. By saying this, I don’t intend to demean Sri Lanka or Sri Lankan […]

India Vs Sri Lanka Battle: Why Sri Lanka lost the series ...

Born on 27th August 1908, 27th August 2017 became his 109th birth anniversary. Donald Bradman popularly known as Don Bradman, the pet-name Don seems perfectly fitting for a player of his stature. Imagine the fear he would have instilled in the mind of the opposition whenever he walked in to bat. In […]

Look back at Don – “The Greatest Cricketer ever”