Chat Precautions ! How to be safe on a chat site ?

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Chat Precautions! How to be safe on a chat site?

Hello, dear Chatters! There are numerous cases of fraud over a chat. The whole idea of this post is about how one should avoid compromising their self on a Chat portal. With the rising of the internet and Digital world number of chatters are growing simultaneously. The more the chatters more fraud takes place online. We humans often get emotional while talking to people online or offline. Chatting hiding behind the computer screen with anonymity at the helm, People tend to get carried away. Let us point out certain chat precautions:

  1. First and foremost, Never trust anyone online easily.
  2. Do not reveal your Real name and location to a stranger.
  3. Never share your Mobile number on a chat portal to a newly made friend online, Nor call a number shared by them on public chat or even in private chat easily.
  4. The moment someone offers you money on chat you should assume something is fishy about the person. No one is going to offer you free money just because you’ll become friends online, All these are fraudsters with evil intentions.
  5. There comes a moment in every chatters life when a fellow good chatter turns out to be evil all of a sudden, hence, in this case, be extra cautious with people who start poking into your personal life a little too much.
  6. Almost, every online chatter acts innocent and honest when you meet first but as the relationship grows the greed for a little more arises, Which might lead into affecting your real life.
  7. It is important to note that people online are more often than not in a mood to score, Getting emotionally attached to anyone who is hiding behind the computer screen is futile.
  8. When chatters are physically active(i.e. need for a flesh arises) they tend to think from their hormones more than their head, DO NOT get carried away and share your private pictures(am sure people understand what private here means) to strangers. It could haunt you back if it goes on a public forum, which more often than not goes viral.
  9. There are times when you get emotionally attached to a fellow chatter over a period of time, The other chatter might ask for financial favors in a smart way. Remember Online or offline a genuine person would never ask a favor from a person whom he/she knows for less than a year or two. Oh Common! I know this guy/girl for more than a year I shouldn’t doubt him/her, Yes that thought does arise. Now think from your side, Would you ask for a favor from a fellow chatter when you are in financial trouble? More often than not the answer is no, You will get your answer.

These are a few points which one should consider while chatting, we would look a little in depth about various other factors on chat later on request. We hope you find these Chat precautions useful. Chathereforever but be safe and play safe.


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