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India marched into the finals of Under 19 cricket world cup by defeating Pakistan by 203 runs. India Vs Pakistan matches often gets the top billing but this match was an one-sided affair. India batted first in this battle of arch-rivals. The Indian opening batting duo of P Shaw and M Kalra […]

India Vs Pakistan, U 19 Cricket World cup 2018: India defeats ...

India continued its unbeaten run at the Wanderers by defeating South Africa. India won the match by 63 runs on the fourth day of the test. Let us look back at some top performances of the match. 1st Innings: India batting: Indian team got all out for 187 in 76.4 overs in […]

India vs South Africa, third test: Top performances of the match

India vs South Africa second test starts from 13th of January. The worlds number one and two teams would put their everything to maintain their supremacy. The first test at Newlands, Cape Town was filled with excitement with both the teams having their chances. Indian bowlers did a commendable job of dismissing […]

Cricket: India vs South Africa second test preview

२०१७ में भारतीय टेस्ट टीम लगभग अपराजित थी। भारत की टेस्ट टीम दुनिया में वर्तमान नंबर १ टीम है। २०१७ मैं भारतीय टीम ने भारत में आठ और श्रीलंका में तीन मैच खेली। ग्यारह मैचों में कुल मिलाकर उन्होंने सात मैचों में जीत हासिल की, तीन मैचेस ड्रा की और एक मैच […]

भारत के टॉप १० टेस्ट बल्लेबाज

Indian test team were almost invincible in 2017. Indian team played eight matches in India and three in Sri Lanka. It is the current number 1 test team in the world. Overall in eleven matches, they won seven matches drew three and lost one. We have previously covered the top Indian T20 […]

Cricket: Top 10 Indian test batsmen of 2017

T20 cricket since its inception is considered as a batsman’s game ironically the number 1 team in T20 is known for its bowling. Pakistan is number 1 team in T20 and they have won 8 out of 10 matches they played in 2017. Indian team stands second with 69% win ratio and […]

Cricket: Top 10 Indian T20 bowlers of 2017

Indian team finished its ODI campaign for 2017 at Visakhapatnam against Sri Lanka on 17th December. The Indian team had a fantastic run in ODI’s in 2017 due to some excellent batting performances from the Indian batsmen. In a total of 29 matches played, Indian team won 21 matches. Mentioned below is […]

Cricket: Top 10 ODI Indian Batsmen of 2017

Rohit Gurunath Sharma popularly known as Hitman made yet another double ton with a masterclass batting display. When in touch Rohit makes batting look extremely easy. He looked at his impervious best versus Sri Lanka at Mohali. He started the innings cautiously along with opening partner Shikhar Dhawan and paced his innings […]

Rohit Sharma blazed away to make yet another double ton

Navratri is one of the most colourful festivals of India. Navratri – the name itself explains the meaning;”Nav” means nine and “Ratri” means nights. This festival is celebrated differently in different parts of the country – South predominantly celebrates it as a festival of art, North celebrates it as a build-up for […]

Navratri: Festival beyond rituals

Kapil Dev about Hardik Pandya Hindi
हार्दिक पंड्या इस साल डांडिया तोह नहीं खेल पाए परन्तु उन्होंने बल्लेबाजी मैं ऑस्ट्रेलिया टीम के छक्के छुड़ा दिए और गेंदबाजी मैं उनके डंडे उखाड़ दिए! इस ५ मैच की श्रृंखला मैं भारत ने ऑस्ट्रेलिया को ४-१ से हराया! भारत ने इसके पहले कभी भी ऑस्ट्रेलिया को इतनी करारी मात नहीं दी […]

भारत के हार्दिक पंड्या ने मचाई धूम बल्लेबाजी मैं उड़ाए छक्के ...

The India Vs Sri Lanka battle in this tour of Sri Lanka serves as a perfect epitome of a one sided affair. India Vs Sri Lanka Battle: an ODI series Whitewash – Is this the best Indian team ever? Due to this win, Indian team is considered by many, as an unbeatable […]

India Vs Sri Lanka Battle: an ODI series Whitewash – Is ...

Did you know that W Jaffer (An Indian Opening test batsman) has an exceptional bowling record? W Jaffer, in his International test career, has a bowling average of 9 and a strike rate of 33. He has bowled 11 overs giving away just 18 runs and has taken 2 wickets. These entire […]

Did you know about the unique bowling record of this Indian ...

The battle between the sub-continents cricketing giants has been ironically one sided. The 6-0 throbbing of the home team is so overwhelming that it seems that even India-A team could have fared well against this Sri Lankan International team. By saying this, I don’t intend to demean Sri Lanka or Sri Lankan […]

India Vs Sri Lanka Battle: Why Sri Lanka lost the series ...

Shikhar Dhawan
Indian team wins the first ODI against Srilanka emphatically. Shikhar Dhawan’s magical knock leads Team India to a comfortable win. Match Summary: Srilankan Batting: The match started on an even note, with Srilanka’s top three batsmen playing with a purpose. N Dickwella, MD Gunathilaka and BKG Mendis gave the home team a […]

Shikhar Dhawan’s magical knock leads Team India to a comfortable win