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Hot Celebrities around the world: Second Edition This is a second part of the “Hot celebrities around the world” group of articles. The focus here again would be a woman.  We already saw few startling women from Asia in the previous article covering India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines and South Korea. We would […]

Hot Celebrities around the world: Second Edition, Asia Continent

Reality TV shows have become an integral part of the Television media. These TV shows not only entertain the audience but also connect with them emotionally. The surety about these shows is that the show-makers do make money out of it, but the important question is what benefits a contestant gets from […]

10 Stars Bollywood/TV industry got from Reality shows

Hot Celebrities around the world (Asia) Every woman is beautiful in her own sense and style. Although this post is about few hot celebrities from Asia, It doesn’t mean that other women are not beautiful. This is an effort made specifically to pin point that women around the world are attractive. This post is […]

Hot Celebrities around the world (Asia)